Kissimmee Popcorn Company
Yesterday to Today

Early in 1986, Byron and Norma Sutton were looking for a start up business to locate in Orlando, Florida. They were moving there from Safety Harbor and Norma didn’t want Byron to become bored since he left the airlines and was about to retire from the Air Force Reserves. Norma was traveling quite a bit and starting up new operations and acquisitions in her job, thus leaving Byron alone to bask in the sun and laze about the boat. Not a bad life, but if she was working, why shouldn’t he? Anyway, at a dinner party one evening, friends said to them “How would you like to go into the popcorn business?”

Turns out, he was acquainted with the Boston Popcorn Company owner who had just told him he had been contacted by a group in Kissimmee, Florida to open a popcorn store. He had no interest in extending himself that far but offered to assist anyone who was willing to take it on. The group who contacted him was representing Old Town, a new project underway just off I-4 on Highway 192. So off they went to have a look. Seems the large sand field wasn’t too inspiring but the potential due to the location was attractive.

So, after gathering all the information needed, they set off to investigate what it means to be in the popcorn business. First stop, Boston. After that, Dallas, Ft. Lauderdale, Chicago, Kansas City and Nashville. Seems all of these stores had much in common, including location, location, location. After visiting the manufacturers of popping and caramelizing equipment, the picture seemed simple enough and the plan began to come into focus. Thanks to all those who shared war stories, recipes and gave good advice, the decision was made. Rental contracts were negotiated and construction begun. Old Town, also under construction still, was scheduled to open over Labor Day and the goal was to be the first store to open its doors.

That goal was achieved. That was 20 years ago. Today, the Kissimmee Popcorn Company is still going strong, doing both retail in the store and wholesale for a myriad of customers (like Walt Disney, Marriott, the State Fair and Port Canaveral). Over the years, the recipes have been tried and proven and even invented. We offer 106 flavors of popcorn, packaged in beautiful tins, party bags and tiered boxes. We have added candy, nuts and cookies to the inventory too because they make great gift packages. Caramel corn and just plain butter and salted are still the all time favorites. Cotton Candy is a big seller too and you can watch the staff from the front windows making it most of the day and night. .

The Kissimmee Popcorn Company is open 365 days a year from 10 am to 10 pm or later during our busy seasons. Our popcorn is only from Indiana (as is Byron) and popped fresh every day. All of our products are packaged fresh and delivered to you via our own trucks or through DHL. Bet you can’t resist trying some of our specialties!

The Old Town complex is a unique grouping of shops and restaurants with entertainment all around. Thank you for visiting our website and if you come to Orlando, please stop by!